New Yorkers for Clean Power Applauds Governor Cuomo’s Announcement of 500 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Workplaces Across New York State

Governor Cuomo announced a proposal - to be included in his upcoming State of the State Address agenda - to install 500 new electric charging stations at workplaces.


Renee Vogelsang, Coordinator of the New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign, released the following statement in response to the news:

"We applaud Governor Cuomo for proposing 500 new electrical vehicle charging stations at workplaces across New York State. Electric vehicles are the cars of the future, saving consumers money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This announcement is great news because we know that having an electric charging station at a workplace is one of the most important factors in people's decisions to buy electric vehicles. Thanks to Governor Cuomo for another great investment in the clean energy economy and for his leadership on climate change."  

New Yorkers for Clean Power is a statewide campaign to rapidly shift to a clean energy economy. Through education, advocacy and organizing, the campaign engages the public, local governments and businesses to advance a range of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transportation solutions. NYCP is convened by NRDC, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Frack Action, The Solutions Project, E2 and the Alliance for Clean Energy New York.



Mark Ruffalo, Energy Experts, Leading Environmental and Business Groups Launch Major ‘New Yorkers for Clean Power’ Campaign, Release Report Showing 85,000+ NYers Already Work in Clean Energy

New Study Analyzes Number of Clean Energy Jobs across NYS and New Campaign Aims to Rapidly Expand the State’s Clean Energy Economy

Top national and state environmental and business organizations, actor Mark Ruffalo, and clean energy leaders held a press conference on Monday in Manhattan launching the major new “New Yorkers for Clean Power” statewide campaign to increase the deployment of clean energy across New York State. The campaign will focus on education, organizing, and advocacy to engage the public, local governments, and businesses to advance a range of renewable energy, efficiency, and clean transportation options and to advance and expand New York’s clean energy policies.

The campaign also released a new “Clean Jobs New York” report showing that more than 85,000 New Yorkers already work in the clean energy sector and underscoring the potential for substantial clean energy job growth. There are 7,500 business establishments across all 62 counties. The comprehensive new analysis is from the national nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), the Alliance for Clean Energy New York, the New York State Sustainable Business Council and New Yorkers for Clean Power. The report is available here, and is based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information and new data from the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as a comprehensive survey of hundreds of businesses across the state. This report is the first of its kind and it breaks down clean energy jobs by county, Congressional district, and state legislative district. Also, the authors of the report found that NY’s growth expectations - at almost 7 percent - are higher than other states that have been studied, based on the survey of employers.

New Yorkers for Clean Power is convened by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Sierra Club, Frack Action, Catskill Mountainkeeper, The Solutions Project, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), and is partnering with many organizations, businesses, and other groups across the state.

Renee Vogelsang, Campaign Coordinator of New Yorkers for Clean Power, said, “This new campaign is bringing together organizations, businesses, municipalities, and communities to implement clean energy, clean vehicles and create good jobs for New Yorkers. Tens of thousands of residents already work in solar, wind, energy efficiency and other clean energy sectors, and we know that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we build the clean energy economy that leads the nation and also protects clean air and water.”

Mark Ruffalo, actor, director, and New Yorkers for Clean Power Advisory Board member, said, “It’s time that we aggressively transition to clean renewable energy and create permanent good-paying jobs for New Yorkers across this great state. New York State is already leading the way on the clean energy revolution with over 85,000 jobs. Now with increased solar, wind, energy efficiency, clean transportation options through New York State’s existing innovative programs, we can bring more jobs and prosperity to every community in the state while protecting the local environment and our global climate. I’m proud to be a part of the the New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign to quickly grow the clean energy economy across the state.”

“To avoid the worst effects of climate change, it will take all of us, and New Yorkers for Clean Power promises to bring together people and communities around the state to unite behind the goal of further advancing clean energy to the benefit of our economy and our health through reduced pollution,” said Donna De Costanzo, director of Northeast Energy & Sustainable Communities at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “This is an important step to build upon New York’s clean energy leadership and shows the nation, and the world, that this is a fight we can win by marshaling our collective forces.”

"Tens of thousands of New Yorkers make clean energy a big and growing part of our state's economy,” said Ron Kamen, CEO of clean energy developer EarthKind Energy Inc. and a director of E2’s New York Chapter. “Clean energy now employs as many New Yorkers as some of the most prominent sectors in our economy. With the right policies, we can continue to create jobs in our state, while also helping our environment.”

“We're proud to be joining a robust and diverse coalition of partners in ensuring that New York is a renewable energy leader,” said Lisa Dix, Senior Campaign Representative at the Sierra Club. “It’s no surprise that tens of thousands of New Yorkers work in the clean energy sector and with the rapid expansion of clean energy policies and programs, that number will only rise. Along with the growth of the clean energy economy with existing technologies, we are excited by the long term jobs that a large scale offshore wind program can have in increasing economic opportunities for New Yorkers.  Together, we will create a clean energy future in building a renewable energy economy that provides good-paying jobs and economic opportunity throughout the state.”

Following the launch in New York City, the New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign is traveling across the state in a donated Ford Focus Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle as part of the ‘Road to Renewables’ tour, holding educational events and engaging communities and local businesses together to work on expanding and implementing clean energy opportunities. The campaign is also spreading awareness about the many existing New York State programs and initiatives that can help communities and individuals adopt clean energy, such as NY-Sun, ChargeNY, and NYSERDA’s Renewable Heating and Cooling program.

“Ford offers a lineup of five electrified vehicles for fuel-efficiency minded drivers.  We’re happy to share one of our plug-in hybrids – the Ford Fusion Energi – with the Road to Renewables tour,” says Amy Morse, electrification marketing manager, Ford Motor Co. “We’re excited that this campaign will help thousands of New Yorkers across the state learn more about the importance of considering an electrified product for their vehicle choice.”

"New Yorkers for Clean Power will help demonstrate that the future is now--not only are cleaner, more affordable energy sources necessary for our survival as a species, they are here, and well within reach. It is exactly what New York needs to help transition our state to its clean energy future, and Catskill Mountainkeeper's RenewableNY Program looks forward to working hand-in-hand with the campaign to bring clean power to all New Yorkers."" said Katherine Nadeau, Program Director for Catskill Mountainkeeper, one of New Yorkers for Clean Power's convening organizations.

“New York State is becoming a national leader on renewable energy, thanks to the forward-thinking energy policies of the Cuomo Administration,” said Julia Walsh, the Campaign Director of Frack Action. “We have an incredible opportunity right now to be a model for the rest of this country on how to rapidly transition to renewable energy and efficiency.”

Peggy Shepard, Executive Director, Co-Founder, WE ACT For Environmental Justice said, "In order to protect some of New York’s most vulnerable residents from climate change events and to improve air quality, we must achieve Energy Democracy by transitioning to an equitable, sustainable energy system that can only occur if there is a decisive power shift towards communities, workers and the public. The New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign has the potential to provide the education and advocacy to advance a range of renewable energy options.”

"There is a tremendous opportunity for financially underserved communities of color to own and operate new renewable energy technologies in the clean energy economy. We are excited about opportunities to mitigate climate change while creating jobs, reducing emissions, improving health, and generating economic development,” said, Donnel Baird, Founder and CEO of BlocPower.

Anne Reynolds, Executive Director of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York stated, "We know New York’s clean energy industry is thriving, and today's numbers are exciting to see. And when the state doubles the amount of electricity generated under the new 50% Clean Energy Standard, these economic benefits and jobs will grow even more. New job opportunities will come from renewable energy, like wind, solar, and fuel cells, and energy efficiency. We see a bright future for New York’s strengthening clean energy economy."

“The Clean Power New York report clearly shows that renewable energy and efficiency are already big business in New York. To add to this growing clean energy economy, New York State has a golden opportunity to harness the power of offshore wind and create thousands of quality jobs in a robust new industry while reducing local air pollution and protecting our wildlife and communities from the dangers of climate change,” said Catherine Bowes, Senior Manager, Climate & Energy, National Wildlife Federation.

"The numbers are in: tens of thousands of New Yorkers from Buffalo to Binghamton and Plattsburgh to Long Island are working to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, more efficient energy system," said Laura Ornstein, Director of the NYS Sustainable Business Council. "To maintain the growth in clean energy jobs and economic opportunities, our state leaders must continue their leadership in revolutionizing New York's energy policy and limiting investments in fossil fuel infrastructure that would lock us in for decades to come." 

"Solar One is pleased to support New Yorkers for Clean Power.  With the Reforming the Energy Vision Plan, New York stands at the forefront of a comprehensive and bold energy plan that will transform the ways in which energy is generated and consumed in the future.  We urge all New Yorkers to learn about the Plan and take advantage of the many opportunities that will be available going forward to move us toward a clean energy future" said Chris Collins, Executive Director of Solar One a leading clean energy education organization in NYC.