Solar Energy 

New Yorkers for Clean Power seeks to support and connect people with the programs available under NY-Sun, a $1 billion, ten year initiative launched by Governor Cuomo in 2013 designed to exponentially increase the number of solar PV systems across the state. NY-Sun aims to add more than 3 gigawatts of installed solar capacity in the State by 2023, which  is the equivalent of adding enough solar energy to power 400,000 homes (and roughly 10% of statewide “peak demand”). One of the NY-Sun programs that NYCP is working to amplify is Solarize, which educates and engages local communities through a group purchasing model that provides a discount on solar installations for homes and businesses through customer aggregation.

NYCP will also work to galvanize support around and help implement the “Shared Renewables” program,  or Community Distributed Generation. The Shared Renewables initiative enables ALL energy customers to participate in the clean energy economy (including renters, condo owners, etc.), by allowing them to enroll in a local solar system (or other local renewable energy project) and receive credit on their utility bill for their share of the clean power produced.

NYCP is partnering with existing Solarize, “Shared Renewables” and other solar projects to put together campaign events and garner media attention regarding these innovative grassroots programs and successes.

Contact us at if you would like support starting a Shared Renewables project or promoting a Solarize campaign already in place.

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