Students for Clean Power

Join our campaign and get your campus ready to fight climate change! It is up to each one of us to ensure the future of this planet and it starts where we live!

Where are you in the fight?

Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Does your campus have environmental student groups?
  2. Have they been effective in communicating students concerns about your campuses sustainability practices?
  3. Does your campus have a sustainability department?
  4. Is it effectively meeting your demand?
  5. Is your campus providing educational opportunities, ways to reduce waste, transitioning renewable energy facilities and vehicles, and engaging in other green programs? 
  6. What can you do to rapidly transition your campus to clean energy and other sustainable practices?

What you can do?

Start a club 

Start a petition
Build a platform
Start a movement on campus

Do your homework

Request the numbers
How effective has your campus' sustainability programs been?

Request a clean energy assessment of your campus
Find the ways in which your campus improve?

Make your demands



Sustainability Action Guide

Campus Sustainability Best Practices

Guide to Zero Waste on Campus



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